Walvoil - Hydraulic Control Systems


June 2017
CRIT Technical Committee in Walvoil Spa
June 2017
Walvoil part of the first national programme dedicated to 'Clean Production'
March 2017
Come and discover Walvoil latest proposals in Las Vegas!
February 2017
Sima in Paris. How Walvoil contributes to the "farm machine system"
December 2016
Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.I.S. 'L. Nobili' Awards. Walvoil sponsor of a Scholarship dedicated to its collaborator Christian Pagliani
November 2016
Wise Solutions tailor-made for the 'farm machine system' at Eima 2016
November 2016
PVD200 Electronic Control Unit at Eima 2016
September 2016
Try START, Galtech new Pumps and Motors!
August 2016
'The future is in the Power of Technology' Hydrocontrol S.p.A.'s and its Business Unit Galtech's merger into Walvoil S.p.A
April 2016
Bauma Munich: discover Walvoil news dedicated to Construction world!
February 2016
ITS MAKER: at Spazio Gerra Museum in Reggio Emilia – I, the communication projects developed by the students.
January 2016
Walvoil PHC STUDIO integrated development environment: turn your ideas into reality!.
January 2016
Reggio Emilia Innovazione ISOBUS Lab, the first and only AEF certified Laboratory in Italy
November 2015
At Agritechnica with evolved 'Wise Solutions' dedicated to the sector and part of the Safety & Ergonomics and Reliability Pathways in the Systems & Components area
November 2015
Walvoil Electronics: at Agritechnica the electronic control unit CED252 ISOBUS and the CJW joystick, the first one certified ISOBUS 2015
September 2015
International Sales Meeting, the event involving Walvoil and its Sales Network worldwide
September 2015
ITS MAKER - Registration open for the new 2-years course of 'Superior Technician in Mechatronics', Reggio Emilia (Italy)
June 2015
Two important events for Walvoil Korea: Opening Ceremony at the New Facility in O-Seong Industrial Zone and a Technical Seminar involving Customers
May 2015
Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.I.S. 'L. Nobili' Awards Walvoil sponsor of a new Scholarship dedicated to its collaborator Christian Pagliani
April 2015
At INTERMAT: Walvoil Wise Hydraulics and Electronics
January 2015
Walvoil joins Interpump Group
November 2014
At bauma China Walvoil Wise Hydraulics and Electronics.
November 2014
At Eima International Walvoil 'WISE SOLUTIONS' dedicated to Agricultural Machines Thanks to Electronics, the dialogue among user-machine-components keeps on evolving.
November 2014
At Eima WALVOIL joins MIX@TRACTOR project from IDE_Agri network.
September 2014
Inaugurated the first course of 'Modolena Greenway', Reggio Emilia. Part of the park area will be riqualified thanks to Walvoil Spa as well.
July 2014
ITS Maker - Registration open for the new 2-years course of 'Superior Technician in Mechatronics', Reggio Emilia (Italy)
May 2014
Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.T.I.S. 'L. Nobili' awards
February 2014
IFPE ConExpo: Walvoil Wise Hydraulics and Electronics
November 2013
AGRITECHNICA: product news anticipation
Mid-Mount Control Systems for Tractor Attachments
November 2013
AGRITECHNICA - product news anticipation
MC10X-HF new pressure relief valve for Balers
October 2013
"JOB SHADOW" EXPERIENCE IN WALVOIL ITIS Nobili's students side by side with the workers for a day
October 2013
VII Edition Master in Hydraulic - Fluid Power
July 2013
Registration open for the second 2-years course of 'ITS Mechatronics' in Reggio Emilia (Italy)
June 2013
Thousands of visitors at Walvoil Open House on the 40th company anniversary
June 2013
In Italy the 1st Walvoil Corporate Meeting involving all the foreign branches
June 2013
On the 40th Walvoil anniversary, Open House at the Productive and Logistic pole in Bibbiano, Italy
May 2013
Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.T.I.S. 'L. Nobili' awards
May 2013
Walvoil Fluid Power corp. new site inaugurated in Tulsa, OK
May 2013
In the US the 1st Walvoil Distributor Meeting
April 2013
July 2012
July 2012
May 2012
II Grade University Master
May 2012
March 2012
WTD admission to the E/R High-Technology Lab Network
March 2012
The award of Social Sustainability to Walvoil
February 2012
WALVOIL AUSTRALASIA: Just opened the new subsidiary
January 2012
WALVOIL: 2011 set new record results
November 2011
Industriamoci 2011, second edition, released on November 23rd
October 2011
Walvoil at the next CiA CANopen plug fest, October 4th 2011, in Milan
September 2011
Walvoil among the promoters of ITS - Superior Technical Institute in Mechatronics, Reggio Emilia.
September 2011
Balancing work and family time: a project promoted in Italy by Walvoil and Lombardini.
May 2011
Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.T.I.S. ‘L. Nobili’ awards.
April 2011
New Brasilian subsidiary in Caxias do Sul.


A positive 2010, good perspectives for 2011.
For Walvoil a November more International than ever.
Walvoil new logistic site soon in operation
Electro-Hydraulic Load Sensing: a Contribution to Increased Efficiency Through Fluid Power on Mobile
At Bauma Munich, Walvoil's latest proposals.

Reggio Emilia, Italy: Walvoil present at I.T.I.S. "L. Nobili" awards

At the end the HI-MECH DM28576 training project promoted by Walvoil, Casappa and Comer Industries.
SDE030-SDE060-DLE060 sectional directional control valves and the new series 1116 overcenter valves
Walvoil, now one only company