New directional control valves series: let’s FOCUS ON DVS14 and DVS16

Let’s go on FOCUSING ON our new mobile directional control valve series: DVS14 and DVS16.

These new generation of DVS products, from Walvoil, further complete and enhance the range of main control valves offered.
They feature a wide range of integrated options: provide design flexibility, are compact and a non-compensated valve solution.

Both valves are ideal for open center circuits and offer many choices of inlet covers. This makes DVS14 and DVS16 suitable for use with different types of pumps such as: fix displacement, load sensing and this includes negative load sensing pumps to satisfy a variety of circuits and control needs.

The electrohydraulic control kit is proportional.  
Given the DVS series flexibility, options and compact size it is ideal for many different applications: Backhoe Loaders, Compact Wheel Loaders, Truck Mounted Cranes, All terrain Cranes or Forestry Cranes.
The DVS14 and DVS16 are open center valves, suitable for flows up to 80 l/min and 150 l/min respectively, up to 350 bar.  DVS14 can be arranged with up to 10 sections and DVS16 allows for 12 section arrangments.  

Available control kits include: manual control kit, hydraulic control kit, and electrohydraulic control kit, with an emergency lever override.
The auxiliary valves are of the fix setting type in order to keep the valve package compact while providing good performance with a favorable balance of cost savings and reliability.

For the DVS16 a series circuit working section is also available. This gives the circuit designer more flexibility to create special solutions for traditionally difficult applications.
The DVS Series has a wide number of options that allow these products to satisfy many different applications and needs of the market.
One such offered option is an inlet cover that provides flow unloading and has a flow regulator that by design provides significantly reduced supply pressure drop to the valve.

Another option is the P2 unloader, a solution purpose designed for circuits with double pumps.  It allows for the unloading of the second pump. This reduces energy consumption and helps prevent destructive thermal loads on the machine.
Another interesting solution offered in the inlet cover options list is for priority steering applications. 
This purpose designed inlet cover provides priority flow dedicated for the steering control of the machine in a compact and cost saving solution.

A dedicated inlet cover for a LS variable displacement pump is also available.
It is cost effective solution when compared to a Full Flow Sharing system. Yet it has superior performance to traditional solutions with regard to managing energy consumption.

Both DVS series valves, when in the electrohydraulic configuration, fully integrate into the Walvoil family of electronic Joysticks and controllers for easy and custom configuration.

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