Walvoil Load Sensing and Flow Sharing platforms: let’s FOCUS ON DPX & EX SERIES

Let’s proceed with our FOCUS ON in-depth news about Walvoil flow sharing technologies: the DPX and EX Series.

Walvoil Flow Sharing technology allows different opportunities. First, flow compensation in each section, allowing the valve to provide the right amount of flow based on operator request in every possible load condition; secondly, operation of multiple functions with a predictable flow distribution, including the possibility to prioritize a pre-determined working section.

Now let's take a look at the two families of Flow Sharing platforms, the DPX and EX series covering a very wide range with sizes from 50l/min up to 350l/min in the working section.            

The DPX family covers sizes from the very compact DPX050 up to the DPX160.

The DPX100 mid range platform is the core of the family, available in many different configurations and with many different options, including high-pressure design, high flow design and low leak working sections. Dedicated hydraulic functions like straight travel sections and custom spools functions are key points of the success of these valves.

The TELEHANDLER is a typical installation example of a DPX100 working at 120l/min. per section and offering:

•    Built in steering management (LS priority valve)
•    High Pressure working section (lift, tilt)
•    LS dampening system

The EX family consists of three main platforms. The EX38 is the smallest version that can be easily integrated with the EX54 and EX72, making the final system compact and effective.

The FORESTRY CRANES represent an installation example of an EX38:

•    LS dumping design
•    Full flow unloading valve
•    Priority working section

The EX38 is available with a wide range of control options, from manual control kits dedicated to crane applications, to electric control kits, all these functions available up to 350 l/min. of working flow rate.

Thanks to their FLEXIBILITY and to the WIDE RANGE of options and configurations, Walvoil LS and FS valves are ideal to satisfy the main requirements from all the application sectors, from Construction & Earth Moving machines to Agricultural ones, from Material Handling and Industrial Vehicles.

In conclusion, this new generation of Walvoil Flow Sharing main control valves offer the market

-    a solution for a precise machine actuation,
-    thanks to their flexibility on the assembly options, to their unique design and variety of configurations.

Flow Sharing solutions are also a reliable strategy to provide the right experience to the machine operator and, above all, to improve energy saving activities, nowadays fundamental.

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