Alberto Rocchi appointed President of the Mechatronics Club of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, Italy

In the past few days the Assembly of the Mechatronics Club of Reggio Emilia Unindustria (Italy) has renewed its elective offices.

Alberto Rocchi, Director of Walvoil Spa Electronics Division has been appointed President and succeeds Maurizio Brevini.

The Assembly has also renewed the Council, now composed of: Luigi Arnone (Kohler - Lombardini), Luca Bergonzini (Bucher Hydraulics), Alberto Castagnini (Landi Renzo), Paolo Codeluppi (Comer Industries), Marco Ferrari (Emak), Matteo Guerra (Argo Tractors), Roberto Guidi (Elettric 80), Carlo Linetti (COBO), Claudio Ognibene (Ognibene Power), Simone Paterlini (Zivan - ZAPI Group), Giuseppe Reggiani (Clevertech) and Rolando Vezzani (Corghi). Cesare Fantuzzi (Director of DISMI UNIMORE) and a representative of the Unindustria Digital Club. Members by right are the past presidents Giannicola Albarelli (Reggiana Riduttori) and Maurizio Brevini (BCM).

In his presentation, Rocchi has outlined some guidelines for his mandate: “The Reggio Emilia mechatronics district is composed of over 300 companies, operating in 6 sectors, with a total turnover of 6 billion euros and 28 thousand employees. They range from agricultural mechanics, robots, household appliances, to components for mobile and industrial machines. Today, the Engineering Mechatronic culture pervades all sectors of industry, starting from manufacturing. Reggio Emilia, with its companies and University, has made it a distinctive element, a flag. The challenge for the Mechatronics Club is to actively contribute to the ongoing debate on technological but also on organizational and ethical issues, that are influencing our daily life."

The Mechatronics Club

Promoted by Unindustria Reggio Emilia (Italy), the Mechatronics Club has 94 members and no precedent in Italy. It aggregates several stakeholders - entrepreneurs, managers, technicians, university professors, freelancers - interested in investingating the issues related to the different areas of "mechatronics". Established in 2003, its aim is to act as a meeting point for the exchange of information and experiences among its members, also by promoting specific initiatives. It aims to strengthen the exchanges between companies and universities, and, at the same time, to promote collaborations between its members for the purpose of a synergic approach to the market. Finally, to sum up, the Club intends to spread technical culture and mechatronic technology solutions in various areas. It represents the interests of its members and promotes the competences of the Reggio Emilia mechatronic companies on a national and international level.

Picture 1: from left, Fabio Storchi – Unindustria Reggio Emilia President, Maurizio Brevini – Mechatronics Club Past President, Alberto Rocchi – Mechatronics Club President, Filippo Di Gregorio – Unindustria Reggio Emilia Managing Director

Picture 2: Renewed Council of the Mechatronics Club Unindustria Reggio Emilia

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