FOCUS ON the new SDX060: proportional and compensated electric direct controlled valve.

Thanks to the introduction into the market of the new SDX060, Walvoil is now able to complete the current range of electric direct controlled valves with a new option.

As SDE family is the answer for electric ON/OFF control, SDX060 - inspired by the same concepts - offers also:

•    proportional control and
•    local compensation.

A very high level of FLEXIBILITY is so granted providing the possibility to:

- MAXIMIZE the level of functionalities in a very compact solution able to reach max 45 l/min @ 300 bar directly on each working port, with all the advantages of a bankable valve;

- MIX, where either needed, compensated or not compensated working sections together in the same valve;

- CUSTOMIZE. Starting from the standard inlet covers available, Walvoil expertise in HICs allows to mate SDX working sections with any special inlet meant for dedicated needs.

Discover more about the different characteristics on the specific flyer.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Walvoil Sales teams at your disposal worldwide.