Precious support to needy people thanks to our voluteers in Walvoil India

Walvoil is grateful and proud of its colleagues in the world, who have dedicated their time and energies to support the most needy communities during the lockdown period caused by COVID-19.

That is the case of Manjunatha, Administration Assistant Manager at Walvoil India in Attibele, Bengaluru, who worked as volunteer with MTB charitable trust and distributed essential food like grain, vegetables, fruits and drinking water to the most destitute people in Hoskote and surroundings.

And it is also the case of Shreepad, Sales Dept. Customer Services at Walvoil India, who gave his support through monitoring activities involving the areas of Tiptur, Madugiri, Gubbi, Tumkur, Shivamogga, Kunigal, Kolar, Nelamang, Sira, Chikkanayakana Halli, Pawagada, Dosadurga, Koratagere and Turavekere. Among these activities: monitoring of the food and the supply channels for the most needy local people; facts checking of forwarded messages and fake news to help volunteers; monitoring of emergency medicine needs and follow-ups; documenting the volunteer activities on daily basis.