3TPW: new range of Cast Iron Pumps.

At bauma in Munich, Walvoil presents the new range of 3TPW Cast Iron Pumps.
These pumps are particularly suitable for all applications where traditional aluminum pumps are used at the limit of their performance; eg. for installation on mobile equipment intended for heavy duty operating cycles, where pressures or mechanical stresses are typically higher.
Its two-piece construction allows an increase in pressures with P1 up to 300 bar pressure on a wide displacement range of 23.9 to 79.8 cm3/ rev.
The new 3TPW completes the cast iron pump range.

Thanks its modular construction and the assembly with 2SPW pumps and with a wide range of integrated valves, this pump is suitable for mobile applications in Agricultural and Construction/Earth Moving sectors (Skid Steer Loaders, Telehandlers e Backhoe Loaders).

3TPW+2SPW Cast Iron tandem Pump for Telehandlers

Walvoil Pumps and Motors ranges

The Walvoil/Galtech branded Pumps-Motors range has been expanding while maintaining high quality standards, thanks to a constant research combined with years of experience, meticulous choice of materials and constant care of the process not only in production, but also in validation tests.

The external gear pumps consist of 3 groups: 1SP, 2SP (12 teeth) and 3GP (10 teeth) with 32 displacements from 0.89 to 77 cc/rev suited to various applications in the field of mobile with high industrial power-to-weight and power/size ratios.
You can reach high pressures up to 300 bar and maximum speeds of rotation of 4000 rpm.

Galtech pumps can be assembled with complete interchangeability both with standard flanges (European, German, SAE) and with special flanges used with a variety of shafts as the cylindrical, conical grooved and milled ones with front tooth.
Several cast iron covers and flanges are available to reduce noise and to increase the operating limits.
Covers with pressure relief valve and flow control valves can be assembled as well.

All the pumps are arranged for the mounting into one or more additional units to complete multiple pumps: different coupling solutions are available to privilege the construction compactness or a more flexible interchangeability.


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