Walvoil continuously seeks for motivated, professional and flexible individuals capable of initiative and collaboration, open to dialogue and, above all, enthusiastic about what they do. 

On its side, Walvoil offers extensive training and a backup organization to encourage and motivate its human resources who are regarded by the company as the real essence of the organization. 

If you recognize yourself in these qualities and want to be part of our “team”, do not hesitate to send us your CV.

Your request will be certainly examined and added to our files for future needs. 


For Walvoil, people are a precious asset and fundamental resources for achieving company goals.
For this reason we are looking for motivated people who want to make their job a passion, grow with our company and feel part of it.
If you recognize yourself in our vision, evaluate among our open positions the one that best matches your aspirations, your attitudes and your skills.
Do not hesitate to apply.

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If you have not found any open searches corresponding to your profile, please send us your CV. We will keep it for any future positions.

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In Walvoil we are aware of how strategic and decisive is the investment in innovation for us and we make the search for new solutions a daily activity. It involves each of us, in our different fields.

It is this attitude that moves us to look for young talents.

If you are interested in carrying out a training internship or developing your thesis project with us, do not hesitate to send us your application. Walvoil is able to offer you a stimulating context, which will expand and consolidate your skills and will surely meet your expectations.

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