You can recognize metals from their sound, people from their words and, above all, from their actions.
(Baltasar Gracián y Morales)


People have always represented a precious and indispensable resource in Walvoil's innovative and far-sighted growth project all his story long, starting as a small company in the Reggio Emilia territory and achieving an important position in the national and international industrial sector.

Over the years Walvoil has always cultivated and taken care of its People, with the awareness that increasing knowledge, creating innovation, achieving goals and ambitious results are possible only thanks to a tight-knit, competent and motivated team.

We always pay attention to building a safe, serene, collaborative and involving work environment, with adequate spaces, with an ever-present look at the needs of individuals, their evolutionary path and reconciliation with personal needs.


Innovation and knowledge are two sides of the same coin.
In Walvoil we share the strategic objective of the transmission of "knowledge and know how to do well".

Training and refresher courses extended to all company areas are our daily life. Targeted training paths for new hires are a wealth, a value and an opportunity for those joining Walvoil.

We have always cultivated close relationships and collaborations with schools, vocational training institutes, university faculties and research institutes that enrich us being a company and doing business.

The large number of interns, trainees and undergraduates, which Walvoil hosts every year, are a tangible testimony of the importance we attribute to lifelong learning, and an excellent experiential opportunity for those who undertake these paths, as well as, often, even an opportunity for work placement.