Research and Development

Researching new solutions is a value recurring in our daily activities and to which all of us are committed to: a team of engineers serving innovation in Italy and in the world thanks to their competence, creativity and passion.

We develop innovation introducing a new product or bettering the quality of the existing ones, introducing a more efficient production method, more performant raw materials or more sustainable solutions both for our customers and for the environment we live in.

We behave believing that listening, knowledge exchange and togetherness are the main vehicle of innovation..



Energy Saving

Our R&D teams are pursuing a 4-year product plan with basic innovation on Energy Savings. This plan includes:

  • Load Sensing Directional Valves
  • Smart open centres with electronic controls
  • Motion Control Valves with selectable working conditions.

The main savings derive from the ability to manage the whole system. That’s why Walvoil offers subsystems and modules optimized for energy consumption and our R&D collaborates closely with other companies part of Interpump Group (pumps and other components manufacturer) . 
Moreover, several components are being restyled to reduce pressure drops caused by oil flow.


Safety & Controls

Thanks to our expertise in both components and networks, we can support customers’ innovation to provide better control of their vehicles. For better safety, unmanned operation and more efficient controls, we need to work on the entire system, and our staff can share their know-how on vehicle's software. We develop softwares to integrate our components in CAN, CANOpen, SAE J1939 Engine Controls, and with the new ISOBUS Standards for Tractors. Better safety is our focus from the beginning of our projects with the integration of redundant controls and specific sensors.



Walvoil’s long-term investments in Electronic R&D now allow us to propose automotive electro-hydraulic control systems featuring more efficient controls and safety, useful diagnostic and easier operations. We pursue automotive control innovation by developing specific components - sensors, human interfaces, electronic control units, etc. – that combined with our hydraulic components are due to satisfy new functions not existing yet. Integrating OEM Hardware and software in our product for final assembly is part of our daily activities.


Hydraulic Knowhow Community

We compete and share the rules of competition in the industrial community worldwide. We manage Common Research Programs, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Product Certifications and Intellectual Properties Patents. Currently, Walvoil owns 24 product patents, and we are pursuing the goal of getting three new ones per year. We know we grow together with the community and that’s why Walvoil has stable and profitable relationships with the Universities and Public Research Centers. Congresses, tradeshows and public financing programs are another way to exchange and share information.


Special for your vehicle

Special vehicles require special parts and components. Thanks to Walvoil’s experience, we’ve cut off costs and times required for the production of these OEM special products and we are able to offer our co-design for medium-high volume vehicle productions. Our communication tools allow us to share co-design projects with OEM staff from conceptual design through pre-series validation.


Vehicle control system knowledge

Managing a complex vehicle means sharing decisions since the initial stage of components layout. At this stage, we offer components, systems and subsystems as well as information and back-up for their better integration. We can also assist our customers on software network and safety regulations. Safety is our focus from the very beginning of the project.


Proto & Field Testing

Our R&D department collaborates closely with OEM staff for joint-managing of prototype testing activities. Our aim is to tune vehicles according to customers’ needs, and, to accomplish this, we use our design tools to adapt and to improve the different subsystems. In case of prototype vehicle tested on OEM proving grounds we participate both with our instruments and team. If requested we can move the tools for spools improvement directly into OEM shop floors.


Worldwide production & support

"Coming closer to the customers" is Walvoil's aim all over the world. Following the needs of global OEM operations, we serve and assist the assembly plants from our subsidiaries in USA, India, China, Korea and Brazil. Engineering Application support and post sales service are available in every industrial Country. We have specific design groups employing local staff and engineers at Walvoil India, China, Korea and USA.