#coronavirus: Walvoil thinking about the future

A message from Walvoil President and CEO, Mr. Victor Gottardi.

In this moment of global health emergency, Walvoil has temporarily suspended production at its sites in Italy and India, following the Directives of the Italian and Indian governments. Other manufacturers have done likewise too.

However, Walvoil plants continue to function in USA, Canada, Korea and China; the last-named being a country in which we have been able to catch up with regular operations rapidly. Also the Walvoil distribution network, which has always been very dynamic and cohesive, continues to function where possibile.

In any case, all our Customers can count on our global commercial and technical support even in this difficult period, since all commercial touch points/contacts are active and working intensely, some of them from their homes.

In all our sites, Walvoil has proactively put in place all the necessary safety measures to protect people and work.

We take our obligation to protect our workforce very deeply and so, when we reopen our plants (hopefully very soon), while on the one hand we will be very alive to the above obligation, at the same time, we will also be working strongly and diligently to restart production and deliveries at the fastest possible, in the interest of all our stakeholders.

With this objective in mind and planning for Business Continuity in the days/weeks ahead, a Management Group called the Sustainability Board has been formed. This Board is chaired by me and includes all CEO’s/General Managers and other functional Heads of the various Walvoil plants around the world.

The Objectives of this Board and the associated local Committees in each manufacturing Unit are:

  • Containing the Covid-19 virus and preventing its further spread in our plants
  • Extending guidance and Business support to all Walvoil Group companies, in this particularly challenging time
  • Rapid Stabilisation of Operations in all Group manufacturing units and preparation of ground for sustained growth of the Business in the coming years in a scenario, that promises to be completely new.

Thanks to the reputation of our Brand, the support of our Teams and Collaborators worldwide, the support of our Customers, Suppliers and Partners, we are confident that together we can overcome this particularly complex circumstance that we all find ourselves in.

On behalf of Walvoil Group, I extend my most sincere thanks to all the workers and institutions in the front row in Italy and in other countries, in the fight against this enemy of our world, COVID- 19.

It will be my constant endeavour to update you time-to-time on developments and the most significant steps that should involve us.

See you soon.