Energy Sustainability on mobile machines with the new Hydraulic Digital Solution product line

More and more manufacturers are moving their agricultural machinery toward electrification to reduce emissions and generate power in a green way.

To advance this technological development, Walvoil is pursuing these goals:

• by reducing consumption and energy dissipation with its ALS (Adaptive Load Sensing) Systems
• by recovering energy, which would otherwise be wasted, through its EPX (Meter out compensation) Technology.

Both technologies are part of the new Hydraulic Digital Solutions product line.

EPX Technology: system approach

The EPX technology, particularly suitable for front loaders and compact wheel loaders, is made of a Flow Sharing directional control valve, an electronic joystick, a Load Sensing pump and an electronic control unit with customizable modular software developed by Walvoil (PHC STUDIO).

The technology is based on new compensator’s function with a recovery line R powered by flow in pressure (Power).

This principle is at the basis of the recovery, which occurs in contemporary movements, in dependant sections at lower loads, and also in single movements with overrunning loads, thanks to a low pressure pilot source X feeding LS line. The downstream compensator keeps independent from the pressure the flow to the actuators and allows recovering energy during simultaneous movements in the sections at lower load and in presence of gravitational loads.

Energy recovery strategy: multiple options of recovery with R line

Once the recovered flow is available in the line R, its management depends on the choices of the equipment manufacturer.

It is possible to regenerate the recovered flow into the system directly, to store it in a hydraulic accumulator, or to transform it in electrical energy and store it in a battery.

Testing activity

EPX valve has been installed in a hybrid front-end loader for tractors, powered by the primary ICE engine and by a secondary boost electric system composed by:

• ICE equipped with primary hydraulic pump
• Electrical Motor (19 kW) equipped with boost
• 600 A Inverter
• Battery charger control panel (CAN-Bus protocol)
• 48 VDC kWh lithium-lon battery
and it has been tested also in a Tobroco Giant G2200E (Compact Wheel Loader 2.2 t, 100% Electric Engine 7+12 KW).

Test outcome

• 10% energy recharged to battery
• 8% saved with booster overcharge
• 16% energy saved with internal regeneration

Same working cycle performed using only 66% of energy normally consumed.


Walvoil EPX – meter out compensation technology: benefits

• Traditional Flow Sharing architecture
• Energy recovery options based on OEM’s choice
• Prolonged autonomy and reduced battery capacity on electrified machines.

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