Clean Energy for Walvoil

HyDRES Investment Project: "Environmental protection aid for interventions aimed at energy production from renewable sources" - Aid Category D - Art. 41 of REG. 651/2014-GBER

The HYDRES project, with regard to the section dedicated to aid for environmental protection for interventions aimed at energy production from renewable sources, has as its objective energy production from renewable sources (sun) for the daily needs of Walvoil's main plants.

Specifically, the aid intervenes in relation to the expansion of the photovoltaic system at the current W4G production plant in Corte Tegge, Cavriago (RE – Italy), which is particularly energy-intensive due to the mechanical processing and product testing activities that take place there. The intervention involves the installation of new equipment for a total estimated annual production of 749,312 kWh.

The financed intervention is part of a larger sustainability project pursued by Walvoil, which includes the further installation of solar systems for 619,500 kWh in the Bibbiano plant and 208,000 kWh in the new Innovation Center, for an overall total of 1,992,000 kWh.

The project confirms Walvoil's focus on environmental protection, a focus that has already been demonstrated by the energy efficiency initiatives carried out at all Walvoil locations, and which is also embodied in the HyDRES R&D project, which aims to obtain less polluting, more productive machinery that is more prepared for the transition to electrification. A goal that can be achieved through the development of innovative components and an integrated, coordinated system that maximizes performance.

The HyDRES project (01.01.2023-31.12.2024) is co-funded under the notice "Regional Agreements for Business Establishment and Development" - Call 2022 in implementation of Art.6 of Regional Law 14/2014 as amended - DGR 1098/2022.