Energy Sustainability on mobile machines with the new Hydraulic Digital Solutions product line.

Walvoil will introduce the evolution of the ALS – Adaptive Load Sensing System at Agritechnica 2023.
The ALS System, part of the new Hydraulic Digital Solutions product line, and tested in collaboration with the manufacturer of telehandlers Dieci, won the technical novelties award eima 2020-21.

But, what is the ALS Solution?

The ALS is a synergistic set of components for the efficiency of mobile operating machines.
The joint control of the hydraulic directional control valve and the pump makes it possible to cut down pressure drops due to the pressure margins of the metering system. At the same time, a series of logics are available to improve machine control, productivity, and driving comfort.
The system is able to reduce consumption by more than 5-6%.

Walvoil offers different ALS solutions to provide extreme versatility and adapt to the performance and system requirements of the machine.
In fact, the ALS system can be used as an integral part of the hydraulic directional control valve or fitted to the variable displacement pump.

ALS - Electronic Control

This solution enables to use Pressure Control functions paired with Flow Sharing directional control valves of the DPX and EPX series. The system manages and conditions the Load Sensing signal of the circuit in order to reduce consumption and optimize control.

Since the ALS system can be fitted directly to the directional control valve, its benefits can also be enjoyed combined with fixed displacement pumps.
When using variable displacement pumps, the ALS system further expands its energy-saving and controllability capabilities by managing the electronic control of the pump itself.
The system is managed by an electronic control unit and a specially developed software in the PHC STUDIO environment.

ALS – Flow Control

The special feature of this configuration is the combination of a normal electro-proportional Open Center directional control valve with the electronically controlled variable displacement pump equipped with ALS logic.
The Variable displacement pump supplies the flow demand settled by the operator logic (dedicated software), accordingly with single or multiple operations

In this configuration, the Flow Control logic ensures better load metering and greater vehicle stability combined with a tangible reduction in fuel consumption.
In this case as well, the system is managed by an electronic control unit and a specially developed software in the PHC STUDIO environment.

Which are the other main features and operational functions of the ALS System?

The other main benefits of the ALS system are:
•    Pressure Margin reduction both during operation and machine inactivity phases
•    Definition of easily customizable control and sensitivity curves using PHC STUDIO software
•    Definition of different operating conditions for maximizing control or productivity
•    Dynamic torque and power limitation
•    Greater utilization of installed power
•    Less fluid heating
•    Less instability and oscillations
•    Customizable actuation modes for more comfortable driving.

The integration with other Hydraulic Digital Solutions

The ALS, which has also already been tested in conjunction with EPX technology, enables new levels of performance in the agricultural sector and reduced fuel consumption thanks to the Electronic and Flow Control logics integrated into the DPK120 tractor solution with Hitch Control.

Customizing our solutions and working closely with customers based on their needs is our daily business.
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