It was held on Wednesday morning, May 29, in the presence of Fabio Marasi, President and CEO of Walvoil, Cristina Strozzi, General Affairs Director, Alessandra Sidoli, Head of Training and Selection, Stefano Sciapichetti, Head of Metrology, Gabriele Bulgarelli, Head of Quality and Legal Department of the company, Dean Elena Guidi, Prof. Giovanni Scirè Mammano, Prof. Paolo Chierici, and class 5° B Mechatronics of IIS Nobili of Reggio Emilia, the official moment of the delivery of the ultrasonic instrumentation donated by Walvoil.
Official moment that included several speeches from the company, the Dean's speech and, at the conclusion, an experimental moment.

The donated equipment consists of a modern portable ultrasonic nondestructive testing system. This technology is particularly useful and used for quality control of welds, sheet metal, steel products, forged or stamped parts, castings, composite materials, monitoring of defects due to the operation of components subject to mechanical fatigue, measurement of thicknesses. It is an engineering application of the echo phenomenon, with which we are all familiar.
In practice, ultrasonic waves, i.e., high-frequency mechanical vibrations not audible to the human ear, are generated by a piezoelectric probe and transferred directly into the material being examined by the contact of the probe with the surface of the part. As the waves propagate in the material under examination, they are attenuated but more importantly they are reflected, deflected or absorbed by any discontinuities and defects in the component under examination. The signal returning to the probe contains information about the size and geometry of the defect.

The equipment donated to the school was also accessorized by Walvoil with a video device, which allows the instrument to be connected to a big screen or interactive multimedia whiteboard (IWB) so that it can be seen by all students during lessons preparatory to hands-on use. It is also equipped with a specific probe for thickness measurement and a sample block that is useful not only for calibrating the instrument but also as a component on which to perform training experiences.

Thanks to this donation, IIS Nobili students in the fifth year of the 'Mechatronics' technical course can experiment with this technology, which, based on the interpretation of traces of absorbed and reflected waves, requires considerable experience. In addition, the use of Masterscan also has indirect educational spin-offs on other topics, such as welding, fusion production processes, quality control, and metrology.

At the opening of the meeting, dean Elena Guidi thanked the company on behalf of the entire school community: “The School Board, students and teachers of the IIS Nobili thank Walvoil for the device donated, which enhances knowledge of materials and processing techniques in a usable, interactive and educational way; for the opportunity to work and confront directly with experts from the world of work in an operational process; for the dialogue that is always alive, open and focused on concrete aims. Technology has the power to profoundly change human life: educating young people to govern these processes is a priority for our territory and for the entire Country system.”

Fabio Marasi and the Walvoil team present at IIS Nobili reiterated the company's attitude and commitment to investing in young people and their training, both through in-house staff available to give lectures on specific topics or technical activities and to host visits, internships and training placements with a view to an increasingly close partnership between business and the world of education.