Enhanced logistics service in Walvoil

In mid-September 2019 Walvoil began to expand the shipping department of its plant and logistics hub in Bibbiano (RE, Italy), where the final stages of the production process of the various product ranges take place: assembly, testing, painting and shipment.

Thanks to this intervention, we will soon be able to take advantage of 600 additional covered square meters, which will allow Walvoil to improve both internal logistics and shipping services, as well as to reorganize some areas of the plant layout for the benefit of production activities.

The expansion activity will just come to an end in the next days.

To give you an idea of the importance of the intervention, we are pleased to share a series of videos over time, which will show the progress of the works and the final result.

Video 1_ 5 March 2020:

The expansion activities of the shipping area, which also affect a part of the road, made it necessary to change the area practicability for trucks and vans, often forced to do more maneuvers to allow loading and unloading operations.

Video 2_ 10 March 2020:

The pavement and road asphalting are completed. From today all the vehicles can pass under the shed of the shipping area.

Video 3_12 March 2020:

At Walvoil the works are going on. The outside parts have been completed and the barriers have been removed. Modified also the route for the trucks, which no longer require passage in front of the office entrance.

Video 4_14 May 2020:

At Walvoil the works are going on. The first two gazebos in the foreground have been dismantled. The four parking lots temporarily used as storage facilities have returned to be used for cars. In a few weeks, the works will be finally ended.