For Walvoil a positive 2021: people the most important valuable resources

For Walvoil a positive 2021: people the most important valuable resources

This first quarter of 2022 allows us to take stock of the year ended recently and the current one.
2021 proved to be an extremely positive year for Walvoil S.p.A, which confirms its leadership in the hydraulic sector and a high level of attention to people, its resources.

Despite the difficult period from the social point of view, connected to the health emergency caused by covid-19, the company has never stopped and has continued to invest by introducing new machinery, investing in automation, innovating information systems and developing new products and systems increasingly in line with the need for greater energy sustainability.

Last but not least, it has invested in training and hiring new employees both for its sites in Reggio Emilia and its province, and for those of Castel San Pietro and Riola, in the province of Bologna.
The numbers speak for themselves.

In 2021, 85 employees were hired under permanent contract.
Of these, 70 are those who come through employment agencies, which confirm to be an excellent channel of mutual knowledge.
Young graduates or graduates in technical subjects began to collaborate with us, but also people with cultural and experiential backgrounds different from our sector with the desire to retrain their skills.

They were immediately supported by experienced staff for an integration process aimed at transmitting not only skills and knowledge, but also sharing the ability to work as a team and cultivating the passion, typical of Walvoil since the very beginning, for a loyalty that we hope will be as long lasting as possible.

The recruitment process involved all company functions, with the aim of supporting growth and adapting the Walvoil organizational structure to the challenges of the near future.
This first part of 2022, although characterized by an uncertain and volatile economic environment, confirms the overall scenario of Walvoil’s growth and investments in technology and in the development of human capital.

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