It is a true modular system, what Walvoil's Hydraulic Digital Solutions enable to offer a tractor application in line with the requirements of the most sophisticated and modern technologies on the agricultural market today.

The Walvoil solution includes the new DKP120 sectional valve, the CAN bus NG5 electronic module and the Hitch control valve.

The DPK120 is a pre-compensated sectional valve for open/closed centre circuits, specifically designed for tractors and front loaders with flow rates up to 120l/min.
Thanks to its flexibility and wide configurability, this new sectional valve is compatible with all Walvoil products, so it provides complete solutions that can meet all requirements in terms of performance and low consumption. The DPK120 is available with manual, proportional hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls.

The new NG5 module enables electrohydraulic CAN bus control of sliders quickly and accurately with integrated electronics (safety up to PLd/SIL) and contactless position sensor.


Caption 1: Walvoil DPK120 pre-compensated sectional valve with NG5 module. Specific for tractors and front loaders.

The integration of Hitch Control within a dedicated work section enables an automated system for controlling the machine's equipment, whether towed or pushed, replacing manual adjustment with more efficient and precise handling.
Walvoil's Hitch Control reduces implement oscillations during handling, decreasing wear and tear and making transport more comfortable for the driver.

Caption 2: Hitch Control System

Thus, the system offers control solutions that help make machines more competitive, improving the safety, comfort and productivity of customers' tractors.

Speaking of further integrations, the DPK120 solution with Hitch Control is compatible with Walvoil's Adaptive Load Sensing: the Electronic Control and Flow Control logics thus reach new levels of performance and energy savings in agriculture.

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