HyDRES: Hydraulic Digital, Reliable, Efficient System

HyDRES Investment Project: "Aid for research and development projects" - Aid Category B - Art. 25(2)(b) and (c) of REG. 651

With the HyDRES project, Hydraulic Digital, Reliable, Efficient System, Walvoil intends to develop innovative solutions for the hydraulic system of mobile off-highway applications, aiming to:

-    achieve higher levels of system energy efficiency,
-    realize additional features to improve machine performance,
-    facilitate the operator's work and increase safety,
-    seek opportunities for automation in the usual operation of the vehicle,
-    and develop less energy-consuming components with the same performance and service life.

The HyDRES project is preparatory to investigating the potential "breakthrough technologies" of the future in the field of hydraulics and mechatronics, one of the leading industry sectors in the Emilia Romagna Region, with distinctive national and international competencies, in which Walvoil is an important player and reference point.

The project includes the design, prototyping and experimental validation of innovative hydraulic, electronic and mechatronic components and their integration within "prototype machine systems" aimed at demonstrating their effectiveness and measuring their performance benefits in the field.

In addition, the project aims to define logics and methodologies for controlling the whole system of the machine, also making use of recent enabling technologies, which are still scarcely used in the specific field of mobile operating machines, but are potentially strategic for responding to the main evolutionary trends in the off-highway market (sustainability, electrification, connectivity, automation and driver assistance).

The project also does not neglect the investigation of basic issues, such as the use of innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, to provide further potential and perspective to the newly conceived components.

For the development of the HyDRES project, Walvoil is collaborating with various universities and research organizations to study specific aspects of the newly conceived components and to draw on know-how and technologies not commonly used in its own field of operation.

The project takes shape within the new research center "Walvoil Innovation Center," built in 2023 and the result of a major investment program, with the aim of establishing a center of excellence in hydraulics research, enabling Walvoil to expand and deepen innovation, development and testing capabilities.

The HyDRES project (01.01.2023-31.12.2024) is co-funded under the notice "Regional Agreements for Business Establishment and Development" - Call 2022 in implementation of Art.6 of Regional Law 14/2014 as amended - DGR 1098/2022.