Integrated Policy for Quality and the Environment

Integrated Policy for Quality and the Environment

Walvoil S.p.A. has always pursued a policy aimed at high quality production according to our market segment of reference, with production processes based on project design and cutting-edge technologies, seeking the best possible balance between this and environmental protection with a view towards promoting sustainable development.

We work in the hydraulics sector, supplying the market with products and systems designed for industrial, agricultural, and mobile applications, with the aim of meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, the requirements of our customers, mandatory product requirements and all regulatory obligations, while at the same time developing our business and maintaining a balanced and harmonious relationship between the individuals within the company, the environment, and society.

Walvoil S.p.A. aims to develop its organisation through the acquisition of every Core Competence required to be a supplier of solutions within its market of reference. Our Core Competences lie in the high precision of the production processes, implemented to ensure a level of product compliance which is “best in class” in the industry, and in the ability to design innovative products that enable our customers to achieve continuous technical improvement in an increasingly demanding market.

Walvoil Spa considers the environment as a primary asset and is committed to reducing, as far as technologically possible, the environmental impact of its operational processes, with a focus on energy and water conservation, reduction of air emissions and waste generation.

For this purpose, the Management has identified the following macro areas:

  • Satisfaction of customers, employees, partners, and the community we operate in
  • Market positioning
  • Economic development
  • Compliance with legal obligations related to product, process, safety, and the environment
  • Effective environmental management
  • Continuous improvement of processes, the results achieved, and environmental performance.

In this perspective, Walvoil has for many years voluntarily designed and implemented a quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and also, at some of our production sites, an environmental management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001.

The mission of the company can be carried out effectively by understanding how the business process is closely related to the simultaneous development of solutions that provide benefits in terms of efficiency, economy, environmental impact, and the consensus of the market, the stakeholders, and the local community in which we operate.

Walvoil S.p.A. has identified precise values directly connected to our objectives, and these are:

  • The pursuit of total quality in every aspect of company activity
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements related to the product, worker safety, and environmental management
  • The search for solutions that satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers
  • The execution of our work activity according to criteria of initiative, pro-active participation, a high level of competence, rational behaviour and taking responsibility for our actions, and awareness of the role we play
  • Commitment to externally measure and communicate sustainability performance, particularly in ESG areas.

At Walvoil, quality and attention to environmental performance are an integral part of the management style and an essential management tool. Together with Management, every department is committed to setting out measurable objectives that are periodically reviewed by Management, an essential foundation for the decision-making process based on the analysis of data and information and on the achievement of continuous improvement of overall performance, technological adaptation, and improvements in efficiency.

All these objectives, principles, and values involve every company department, above all as concerns ensuring full customer satisfaction, and to foster in each collaborator a more conscious corporate culture.

Given these premises, Walvoil undertakes to:

  • Define clear and measurable objectives at the start of each year
  • Periodically review our policy to ensure it aligns with the strategic directions defined by the Management and within the context where our organisation operates
  • Share and communicate the corporate policy on all company levels, to our external partners, and to all other stakeholders
  • Control, monitor, and verify the results achieved and to promote actions for improvement
  • Comply with all regulations related to personnel safety, environmental protection, and the mandatory regulations applicable to the product
  • Guide and support all our collaborators, both internal and external, fostering initiatives aimed at actively contributing to the improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System and the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes and our environmental performance
  • Consistently work for the purposes of environmental protection and preventing pollution
  • Minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and landscape while complying with applicable regulations

  • Pay constant attention to every process to ensure agile, consistent, and high-performing operational policies.

With a view to continuous improvement, Wavoil S.p.a. is committed to sharing the same values and objectives with its foreign subsidiaries, where the same principles are in force.

Integrated Policy for Quality and the Environment (PDF)