ON 18 JANUARY THE FINAL EVENT OF THE TASC PROJECT: Hybrid architectures for agriculture

The final event of the TASC Project, whose Walvoil is part of, will take place on January 18th from 10:00 to 12:00 am (CET) at Reggio Emilia Technopole, Italy.

This project was born as part of the research on the energy efficiency of power distribution architectures in agricultural machines and meets modern environmental needs, to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and polluting emissions outside of urban areas too.

To attend in presence subject to availability of places, please send a message to specifying name, surname and company/institution.

To take part via zoom:

To know more, visit the website of the TASC Project:



10:00 – Welcome and welcome coffee
10:30 - Institutional greetings - Andrea Parmeggiani (Tecnopolo Reggio Emilia)
10.35 - Tools for business development - Davide Bezzecchi (UNINDUSTRIA Reggio Emilia)
10:40 - The TASC project - The voice of research laboratories:
Massimo Martelli (CNR Stems), Barbara Zardin (UNIMORE Intermech), Paolo Casoli (UNIPR Cidea), Emiliano Mucchi (UNIFE Mechlav)
11:20 - The TASC project - The voice of companies:: Davide Mesturini (Walvoil), Andrea Gaiola (CNH Industrial)
11:40 - Greetings from ART-ER - Lorenzo Calabri (ART-ER Ricerca e Innovazione)
11:50 – Conclusions - Federico Capucci (Manager Clust-ER MECH)
12:00 - Possibility to visit Technopole area's