Reach and Rohs Declarations


REACH Declaration

The REACH Directive is a regulation in the European Union about registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction form the acronym REACH).

It is formed by 15 titles divided in 141 articles and 17 technical attachments, and being a regulation instead of a directive, it doesn’t need any transposing or implementation act and it is immediately applied by all member States of the EU.

REACH regulation imposes to all manufacturers and importers (from non-EU Countries) of chemical substances the registration of them to the European Agency of Chemical Substances (ECHA). The registration of chemical substances consists in submitting to ECHA from manufacturers and importers a complex series of information about substances and their applications. In the case of particularly dangerous substances, ECHA imposes further requirements of authorisation or restriction to use.

The substances whose production, sale and use in the EU territory must be authorised, can be found in ANNEX XVII of the REACH regulation.
The list of chemicals is updated periodically and can be examined at any given time on the ECHA website.

The list of “restrictions regarding manufacturing, marketing and use of certain hazardous substances, mixtures and articles” is contained in ANNEX XVII of the regulation. These chemicals aren’t subject to preventive authorization, however shippers, users and suppliers are subjected to restrictions that can be found there.

During the manufacturing cycle, Walvoil S.p.A. does not introduce in its products, substances contained in ANNEX XIV, for whom it is mandatory the authorization to use. The company, however, must verify that during the supplying chain suppliers themselves don’t use these substances without previous authorization.

 Walvoil REACH Declaration.pdf  


ROHS Declaration

The Directive 2011/65/CE (RoHS) regulates the restriction to use of dangerous substances in electrical and electronics devices (AEE) in order to safeguard human health and environment, including the environmentally correct recycling and disposal of AEE wastes.

The list of these substances is updated periodically and their maximum concentrations are limited to 0,1% (cadmium excluded, which is limited to 0,015%) by weight of homogeneous material.

The subjects to this regulation are manufacturers of AEE, being all those who produce and introduce them with their trademarks or that import and introduce them in the EU market.

Walvoil ROHS Declaration