Reggio Emilia Innovazione ISOBUS Lab, the first and only AEF certified Laboratory in Italy

Reggio Emilia Innovazione ISOBUS Laboratory has been created to support companies and to promote the use of the ISOBUS Protocol (ISO 11783), Serial control and communication data network for agricultural Tractors and Machinery.

Supported by Federunacoma Association and by the IDE_Agri company network, Walvoil is part in together with Ama, Arag, ArgoTractors, Cobo, Comer Industries, Relab and Salvarani, since January 2016 REI ISOBUS Lab is only AEF Certified Italian ISOBUS Laboratory, and one of the five certified labs in the whole world.

AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Fundation) is an international organization founded by seven of the leading agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide in order to provide resources and know-how for the increased use of electronic and electrical systems in farming.