2500 Thank you

‘’Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results’’.

Andrew Carnegie, renowned Scottish-born entrepreneur and philanthropist, said this, but it is also what we all in Walvoil think.

So it is with gratitude that Walvoil wants to thank all its 2500 employees in Italy and in the world, who contribute to make of it what we are.

Gratitude I would like to extend also to our customers for their trust and to our suppliers and partners for their support and contribute to our growth in this extraordinary year.

Extraordinary because not every year is 50 years old, and because 2023 marks another milestone for the company: for the meetings it has given us, and for what we have achieved in Italy and around the world.

May this 50th year, which has allowed us to take stock and is a bridge between our past, present and future, be a good omen for the year and years yet to come.

To you and your loved ones all, my best Season’s Greetings.

Fabio Marasi
President and CEO Walvoil Group


Just  only a few highlights of our 2023
The honor of the visit of the President of the Italian Republic

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, Walvoil had the honor and privilege of receiving the visit of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in Reggio Emilia to celebrate May 1, Labor Day, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Mechatronics District.

Before the Labor Day celebration, which was held in the current new Electronics Department, he visited the Corte Tegge plant and spoke with the workers present that day.


Walvoil's 50th celebrations, an opportunity for meeting and exchange

The month of June marked special events, those of the celebration of Walvoil's 50th anniversary. An opportunity to meet and exchange first of all internally, with a week dedicated to the staff of the foreign subsidiaries, with whom we shared objectives and strategies, and with a Family Day, on June 10, which had the extraordinary participation of employees and family members.

The occasion, for all of us, to show the project about the future that the expanded production hub in Corte Tegge and the new Innovation Center represent, and a Walvoiland dedicated to children, which we will certainly remember for a long time.

But the 50th anniversary was also an opportunity to meet and dialogue with Walvoil's suppliers and main customers in Italy and around the world, to whom we dedicated specific events on June 12 and 13, respectively.

On the occasion of the supplier event, for the purpose of raising awareness of sustainability issues in the supply chain as well, Walvoil established the Green Supplier Award - ESG Award.


An evolution of the Walvoil logo to better tell who we are: a new pay-off

With another 50 years ahead of us, we have chosen to celebrate the milestone reached with a sign of change, to tell the story of the link with tradition, but above all the ability to evolve and respond flexibly and dynamically to market needs.

That of the new Walvoil is a renewed brand, which also incorporates the experiences and riches of Hydrocontrol and Galtech, and a sign of movement toward the future. A sign of the fundamental contribution of people to the evolution of the company.


Investments, our look to the future in Italy and the world

Innovation Center

Built a new Innovation Center, which is spread over more than 3,000 square meters and sees three times as much space as what was available at Via Norvegia, 10 in Reggio Emilia. When fully operational, it will employ 26 people.

Doubled the production facility in Corte Tegge

The production capacity of the Corte Tegge hub has practically doubled.
The new 9,000-square-meter plant now houses the Electronics department, and all the assembly and testing lines of the hydraulics sector are in the final stages of relocation, so as to keep separate warehouse and automatized work centers dedicated to both directional control valve bodies and pumps and motors.
At the end of 2024, the Corte Tegge hub will employ 400 people compared to 200 at the beginning of 2023, some of them from transfers from other locations.

Technology, the thread binding Italy and foreign subsidiaries

In order to be able to seize market opportunities in Italy and abroad, there have been several investments also in technology.

Inauguration of a second plant in India

Among this year's significant investments and events are the inauguration in March of a second Walvoil India plant in Attibele and, in the same month, the acquisition by Interpump Group, of a foundry, IPG Mouldech, whose production is now fully dedicated to the Group's companies.


Welcome, Walvoil Canada!

As of January 1, 2023, Galtech Canada, formerly already a foreign Walvoil subsidiary, has changed its name to Walvoil Canada.
The Canadian subsidiary is Walvoil's competence centre in North America for pump, motor and flow divider product ranges

Activities, awards

BAQ2023 – Quality school-to-work award
Walvoil Spa has received the Confindustria award for quality school-to-work alternation for the second year in a row.

BITS-ITS Academy

Walvoil Spa has received the BITS-ITS Academy award from Confindustria, an award recognizing companies engaged in the dissemination of technical culture and disciplines in the scientific-technological field thanks to the presence of ITS MAKER foundations in the territory.

ANT Foundation Eubiosia Award

Walvoil, awarded in December in the Prevention and Welfare category, in collaboration with ANT, in 2023 gave all of its women in Italy the opportunity to undergo cancer prevention screenings, which were organized directly within the different locations in the province of Reggio Emilia, and in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO).

Walvoil Korea activated a training program with Induk University

In 2023, Walvoil Korea collaborated with Induk University to train second-year students in Mechanical Engineering.

Walvoil India proud to support Abhyundaya Global Village School in Nagpur

Always close to the needs of its communities, Walvoil India is proud to support Abhyundaya Global Village School in Nagpur. The furniture provided by the school thanks to Walvoil India's donation will enable students from surrounding rural villages to receive a high-quality education and study in comfortable environments. The bus donated in November will enable the outreach to be expanded to even more villages.

Walvoil Korea awarded as Daedong certified partner

It was last February that Walvoil Korea received recognition from the country's largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, Daedong.

Walvoil China recognized Excellence Supplier by Caterpillar

This November, Walvoil China has been certified as Excellence Supplier by the important earth-moving machine manufacturer Caterpillar.

Congratulations to all colleagues and Walvoils around the world who made these activities and achievements possible.