No one is safe, unless everyone is safe: The lesson of this COVID-19

As well known, India went through a very traumatic time in May 2021, due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant of covid-19 in the Country. Bangalore City was particularly and severely affected, with the caseload of fresh cases surging up to as much as 25,000 cases/day. Further, this 2nd wave variant, not only affected people far more rapidly than in the 1st wave of the disease in 2020, but also caused a rapid deterioration of the oxygen absorption capacity in the lungs of the affected people. This, not only meant more and more people were being admitted to hospitals for ICU care, but also led to a dire shortage of medical oxygen in the country.

To help alleviate this shortage, Walvoil Fluid Power India acted quickly to purchase and donate large (300 lpm) Oxygen Generator plants to a number of hospitals in Bangalore City but also coordinated with other civic organisations to procure and distribute smaller Oxygen Concentrators meant for individual use. Besides, Walvoil also helped procure and equip ICU’s in the hospitals, with necessary equipment such as Ventilators, BiPAP units and Syringe/Infusion pumps, etc.  

Walvoil Italy handsomely aided this effort in a very agile manner, by quickly locating sources of these units in Italy and facilitating the purchase by Walvoil India.

These actions were in keeping with the corporate ethos of the Interpump Group, of its individual units acting as a responsible corporate citizen in their communities.

Caption: in the pictures the moment of the oxygen generator’s donation to Kauvery Hospital.