Paper Walvoil at the SAENA’s workshop hosted by Kohler

‘’Energy saving on off-road vehicles: new opportunities from holistic integration of electrified hydraulic component and hybridized ice’’ is the content of the presentation held by C. Dolcin (Walvoil Test Dept. Manager) at the SAENA workshop hosted by Kohler on November 22-23, 2018 in Reggio E., dedicated to ICE hybridization for automotive and off-road applications.

The potential for energy saving/recovery on operating off-road vehicles was investigated, then the focus moved on characteristics of different hybrid architectures including powertrain, hydraulic system and energy stock devices. Several examples of applications were presented, regarding different earthmoving machines, with particular concern on fuel consumption and overall cost of ownership reduction and components downsizing. Some dedicated components especially developed for energy saving purposes were introduced, nevertheless emphasizing the fact that optimal components individually designed could not be able to maximize the whole vehicle savings effects: newly developed electrified hydraulic components and hybridized ICE are disclosing new chances for better results to come, as long as an interdisciplinary holistic approach is used to plan vehicle’s complete energy management.